Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's late but...

I'll be uploading my Sheridan Animation Portfolio here very soon, as well as my Illustration Portfolio (:
My animation portfolio acquired a 3.91 out of 4, and my illustration portfolio .... got ... i think... 68 or 54 out of 100... LOL i'm not too proud of my illustration portfolio, but it was my second choice and i literally spent... about a week on it, as opposed to my Sheridan portfolio which took me about ten months.

Advice to people trying out for Sheridan Animation, never procrastinate. It's bad time management and it won't really help you.

second advice: do not over stress. The Portfolio is meant to test your skills and abilities, but imo it is also an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. Just take it easy and relax (:

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