Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Character rotation done for class. If i'm not lazy I'll post the WIP sketches and all my other unused but precious babies characters.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

10 months

 So here it is:

my beautiful name ;D loooool yea anyways ~
The way I place the images are the way the portfolio is arranged. i.e. the image on the left is placed on the left panel of the portfolio, vice versa for the right side.

So first off we have life drawings!
I went to the Mississauga Valley School of Art for my life drawing practice. It's pretty good but it's also pretty expensive. The life drawing class mostly pertains to lifeless zombies who will do anything to get into either Sheridan's Animation/Illustration program or OCAD or York.  ^^ b

It's important to note that if the portfolio pieces' subject matter are facing each other, in other words, INTO the portfolio and not OUT, it gives a better sense of unity. The last figure in red, placed on the left panel of the portfolio, is facing the first of my animal drawings (obviously placed on the right panel). Sorry I'm talking so much *sweatdrop* anyways...

So here you have my animal drawings! ... gorillas will haunt me for the rest of my life, but not as much as rhinos and camels. By golly were those challenging (but nonetheless, a fruitful experience).

LOLOL hands. Not exactly easy to come up with a pose that is simple and yet creative. hmm.. what can I say besides... practice, look at your own hand and construction lines and construction lines and construction lines...

Character Time!

Meet Julie. She's a nerd/bookworm/overlooked shy girl who loves to hide in her room and do experiments and work on homework and reports. Enough said.

Expression sheet, storyboard and moving onto household objects/layout.

Layout is .. not my strongest ^_^|| but it was a good experience. Next up, personal artwork.

And that is it! The end of my 10-flip-portfolio that took me 10 months. If you lasted through the whole thing, thank you for walking this tiring but amazing journey with me. Also, if you pass by me in the Sheridan hallway don't be afraid to say hi (:

P/S sorry the pictures are so blurry!! My camera hates me ; v ; or rather.. it's pretty old.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

lol. prepping for character design. lol. xP

It's late but...

I'll be uploading my Sheridan Animation Portfolio here very soon, as well as my Illustration Portfolio (:
My animation portfolio acquired a 3.91 out of 4, and my illustration portfolio .... got ... i think... 68 or 54 out of 100... LOL i'm not too proud of my illustration portfolio, but it was my second choice and i literally spent... about a week on it, as opposed to my Sheridan portfolio which took me about ten months.

Advice to people trying out for Sheridan Animation, never procrastinate. It's bad time management and it won't really help you.

second advice: do not over stress. The Portfolio is meant to test your skills and abilities, but imo it is also an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. Just take it easy and relax (:
it's my new logoooo for my art tumbly! (:

and the WIP here:

ehhehe. gifs are pretty o w o

first post evarrrr

i am a socially awkward turtle trying to do art. i sometimes get by, but sometimes luck just gets fed up with me and decides to leave me for a while. the silly thing is i keep trying looooool. currently in sheridan's animation program.

i try to make my art look like this:
or this:

but currently, my art is like this:

I still have a lot to learn both about myself as well as the way i work. I'm hoping it'll all work out in the end, but for now i'll just give it my best shot and see where i land up (:
Hope you enjoy my blog!